Everyone begins with a story

that makes all audiences

think, act, understand, or believe in something.


Here is where we come. We get involved in the commercial strategy of our partners. As storytellers, we have the creative abilities to help brands to stand out from the noise with ideas and messages that provide real results.

  • Relations with media and influencers
  • Speakers programs
  • Media training
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Showroom
  • Launch of brands and products

Connections with the ones that really matter.

Our relationships with the media and influencers are diverse and deep. That is why we can advise how to use Public Relations and, perhaps even more important, when they are not necessary.

From these relationships, our clients have obtained results with coverage at the highest level in each media category: television, daily publications, horizontal and vertical digital media, radio and podcasts.

  • Creative direction
  • Sponsored content
  • Design and graphic production
  • Brand identity
  • Multimedia content
  • Newsletters and announcements
  • Media kits and presentations

It 's never enough.

Quality content will always be at the center of any marketing plan or communication.


  • Planning and strategy
  • Advocacy
  • Content
  • Videos
  • Employer branding
  • Executive communication

Activate the brand from within.

Nothing influences corporate reputation more than employees. At Neta we bring experience to communication plans, from strategy development to execution. We can help generate engagement and interest among employees, so that they are informed and become true brand ambassadors.

  • Content Marketing
  • Social media management
  • Social listening
  • SEO campaigns
  • Digital influencer marketing
  • Digital experiences
  • Analytics and metrics

If brands do not have a presence on social media or the digital ecosystem, they do not exist. We create content, amplification and investment strategies to generate real results.



  • Planning and production of events
  • Design of experiences
  • Coordination and management
  • Entertainment marketing

Live the content.

Ideas are not just read; they are lived, felt, resonated and remain in our memory. We are experts in strategic planning, execution and attention to detail.